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Highlighted summary

When it comes to finding information on internet, one has to go through hundreds of web pages. Also, one has to go through the entire page to absorb its content. Isn't this paradoxical in this world of short attention span? CruxLight simplifies this process by automatically summarizing the article and highlighting summary on page. It also gives you the important keywords around which the whole article revolves.

Clutter-free interface

Cluttered layouts are overwhelming, right? Not anymore. Read summary or original article in CruxLight's clutter-free interface.

Focus words

It gives you the important keywords around which the whole article revolves. You can select a particular keyword and view the summary from that point-of-view.

Summary length

CruxLight also provides you options with the length of summary. You can change the length of the summary on basis level of information required and time at hand. Not only this, you can also read the original content in clutter-free environment.

Share - Save

Knowledge sharing is important. Came across an interesting article? Share summaries with your friends. In a hurry? Don't miss good articles. Save summaries to popular cloud services to read later. You can also print the summary of article.


CruxLight provides you with a number of customization options. Don't want CruxLight to work on a particular website? Add it to your personal blacklist. Don't want pop-up, but want summary? Disable pop-up for all domains. You can even change theme for reading interface. Right-click on webpage or canvas icon to configure options.